Rejected Bob Lord Campaign Slogans

What is Bob Lord’s campaign message?  What does he believe in?  What doesn’t he believe in?  Change?  What kind of change?  Change Congress?  The same Congress that has been controlled for the past two years by Nancy Pelosi and her “do nothing Democrats”?  Who cares? 

“I’m not John Shadegg!”  That’s all you need to know.  Tie him to Bush as much as you can, cross your fingers and ride the Obama-wave.  Too bad Lord is unwilling to define himself on any of the critical issues voters want to hear about. 

When you have no record to promote yourself, all you can do is distort your opponent’s…


What About Bob Lord?

I’m a Congressman!  I Congress!

Remeber Bill Murray’s famous words in the 80’s comedy gem “What About Bob?” – “Baby steps…baby steps…baby steps.”

I assume the same mantra could be adated by challengers running for the US Congress.  Start out with low expectations, take everyday one day at a time.  Baby steps out the door…  Baby steps getting in the car…  Baby steps driving to the campaign office.  And so goes political neophyte Bob Lord’s over-inflated (and highly funded) campaign to unseat Republican incumbent John Shadegg in Arizona’s Congressional District 3.

Shadegg – who was first elected during the Republican Revolution of 1994 – has been one of the most effective and popular Congressmen to represent the State of Arizona in the past three decades I by no means am confusing Shadegg with a Mo Udall or a Bob Stump, but there is no doubt that Shadegg has represented the voters of CD3 with a streak of independence and an affinity for bucking Party  Leadership rarely seen at a time when Congress’ ratings are so low – with the notable exception of his vote on the “bailout” bill.

That being said, to continue this little metaphor, let’s pretend the force of nature that is John Shadegg is represented by Richard Dreyfuss. – aka Dr. Leo Marvin.  Equally neurotic, intelligent, short in stature and quick to anger.  Yep…a perfect match.

Who the hell is Bob Lord and what qualifies him to be a United States Congressman?  Who cares?  “I’m not John Shadegg!”  vote for me! 

It will be interesting to see if Lord and his National Democratic handlers have prepped the inexperienced challenger properly enough to mask his social akwardness and get past his near Ichabod Crane like creepiness.

Will Bob be successful in his bid to unseat Shadegg?  Does Bob have enough preparation from Andrew Eldredge Martin and the rest of his entourage to debate Shadegg one on one?  Will Lord have the courage to stand up to Party leadership and not be a Nancy Pelosi stooge?  Is Bob allowed to go to the bathroom without permission from the DCCC?

Who cares?!?  He’s downloaded the MoveOn.Org talking points and running on Change!

Remember Bob: baby steps…baby steps…baby steps…

“I’m sailing!!!!!!”

Bob Lord & John Shadegg face off

Bob Lord & John Shadegg face off