Air America’s ties to Bob Lord

Am 1480 is reserved on the radio dial for liberal utopia “Air America”, the nearly bankrupt left wing bastion of hate littering our airwaves.

Here’s some of my favorite all time Air America quotes:

1) “The entire Bush crime family should be executed.”

2) “George Bush is a God Damned lying s.o.b.”

3) “Why didn’t Cheney turn the shotgun on himself after he wounded his friend?”

4) “The Bush Administration planned and executed 9-11.”

5) “Rumsfeld should be hung by his thumbs and subjected to all the torture that was given to the alleged insurgents.”

6) “We can hope that the insurgents will get information on Bush’s travel plans so they can shoot down his airplane.”

7) “Bush and the government planted explosives in the World Trade Center and that’s why the Twin Towers collapsed.”

Yes, as hard as it is to do, the paranoid folks over at AA actually make the Ron Paul Revolution people look somewhat normal.

Bob Lord was very instrumental in bringing Air America to the Valley.  How instrumental?  Well, he had his own email address with the radio station, was previosuly listed on their website as being responsible for “legal services”, and he even did all of the legal work pro-bono when the station was about to go off the air.  In fact, he and local host Jeff Ferrias headed up the fundraising efforts to sell “pixels” in order to keep Air America on the air here in Phoenix.  No doubt helping Lord hone his fundraising skills and building his liberal base of donors and supporters he so heavily relies on now in his run for Congress.

Too good to be true?  Here’s text from Bob Lord’s interview with Jeff Ferrias from Earth Day earlier this year:

Jeff Ferrias: You’re welcome here, anytime as I’ve said Bob when you want to come on. The website is go on over there and make a contribution. You know Shadegg’s going to have Big Oil money, probably big pharmaceutical money before he‘s done, and the RNC backing him and you know Bob’s running a campaign that’s going to depend on us. Do go pitch in if you can.

Bob Lord: Jeff, thanks so much.

Jeff Ferrias: Thanks Bob. Take care.

And again, I reiterate – Bob was instrumental in the formation of this station. Getting us back on the air after we lost our first liberal station here in town.

Bob was one of those people in those meetings every morning, when we were strategizing how we were going to pull this thing off. He was right there with us every step of the way and did a lot of the legal work pro bono for us to get this thing happening.

Bob is someone I have the utmost respect and I was thrilled to hear that he decided to throw his hat in the ring and challenge John Shadegg and I hope you’ll step up and throw some support his way.

Good for you Bob!  Air America.  Nancy Pelosi.  No, no liberal record here.


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