Lord still Refuses to Debate Shadegg

Bob Lord’s campaign spokestar A-Mart is pointing the finger at the Shadegg camp in a “who’s a bigger chicken?” contest.  Both camps accuse the other of backing out of a third and final televised debate.  Channel 10 claims both men were scheduled for a debate moderated by John Hook.  Lord canceled once, only to reschedule for a later date.  Lord then recently backed out of the make-up debate, citing that he was “too busy.”  Too busy doing what?  hiding?  It’s 60 minutes of your life man.  You have the ability to reach thousands of voters and you chicken out with a little over a week left in the campaign?

The challenger is supposed to want to debate, not the other way around!

It makes no sense.

Maybe it could have something to do with Lord performing so poorly in the first two debates?   I’m not surprised that he refuses to appear for a third.  I’m sure the DCCC tightened the reins on the campaign after seeing his first two performances.  Now, they’re hoping to ride the campaign out in bunker mode and catch a piece of the obama wave.


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