Shadegg Leads Lord by 10 Points

By Evan Brown, Reporter
A new poll of likely voters in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District shows U.S. Rep. John Shadegg (R-Phoenix) with a 10-point lead over challenger Bob Lord, leading the Democrat 50 to 40 percent.
The poll, conducted by Research 2000 on behalf of liberal blog site and spotted by the Gila Courier, shows a possibly tough road for a Lord victory:

Shadegg has reached the magical 50 percent mark, which means victory unless Lord can eat into his base of support. Undecideds can break all they want to Lord, it doesn’t help him. And when both Republican and Independent undecideds are breaking toward Shadegg (albeit by thin margins), it makes the task in a tough district all the tougher.

DailyKos points out that Lord wasn’t running ads during the period when the poll was conducted, Oct. 20-22, and the sampling reflected the turnout model from previous elections, favoring Republicans by several points in the GOP-leaning 3rd district.
However, the results are similar to the previous poll conducted by Research 2000 and DailyKos, which showed Shadegg leading by nine points, 48 to 39.


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