Democrat Party Rent A General Stumps for Lord

The Lord Camp is the latest Democratic Campaign to roll out Iraq War rent-a-General Paul D. Eaton.  Eaton came out and endorsed Lord earlier this week and even lended his voice talent to a Lord robo call criticizing Shadegg’s record regarding veteran’s affairs.

Since retiring, Eaton has been an outspoken critic of the Iraq War and President George W. Bush’s Administration (a very popular activity this election season).

He also has appeared on Bill Maher’s show, served as an advisor to Senator Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and following Clinton’s concession of the Democratic primary, Eaton joined the campaign appearance circuit in support of Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.


U.S. Army Major General Paul D. Eaton (ret) endorses Bob Lord

PHOENIX — Bob Lord has received the endorsement of U.S. Army Major General Paul D. Eaton (ret), Lord’s campaign announced today.

Eaton served as a commanding general in the Iraq War and continues his work with veterans on the board of advisers of

“I am incredibly honored and humbled to have the support of General Eaton, who has served our nation so honorably and been such a powerful advocate for our veterans returning from war,” Lord said. “We must fight tougher and smarter in the war on terror and make sure our veterans and military families receive our complete support.”

Eaton, who comes from a military family, retired from the Army after 33 years of service, including serving in Iraq as the Commanding General of troops who reestablished Iraqi Security Forces.

Click here to listen to a phone message from General Eaton, which was sent to more than 40,000 voters in District 3.

“America is less secure today because Congressman John Shadegg has not supported our troops and veterans,” Eaton said. “He voted with President Bush to oppose the 21st Century GI bill and voted as well against a $1,500 bonus for our troops in Iraq. Yet, he voted himself nine pay raises. Please support Bob Lord for U.S. Congress.”

American Bad Ass

American Bad Ass


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