Channel 10 Debate Online – Lord Conceeds

Well – it looks like CD3 challenger Bob Lord has found some spare time, conceeding his earlier position that he was “too busy” to debate Shadegg in a third and final televised debate.

The “Sunday Newsmaker” segment with John Hook was posted on the Channel 10 website this morning in case you can’t catch the network broadcast.

I don’t recall seeing this debate on television, so I’m pretty sure it hasn’t already aired and will likely run tomorrow morning during Newsmaker’s regularly scheduled morning hour (which I think is 7:00 or 7:30).

Lord made the right decision. Typically, the challenger should want to challenge the incumbent to several debates. I’ve got to hand it to Lord though for stepping up to the plate, sticking it out, and doing an excellent job of staying on point with his well prepared DCCC talking points.

The best part of the interview begins in the second half, about 55% of the way through the show when they begin discussing Iraq. Lord is so out of his game here it’s pathetic. He actually comes back from a commercial break at one point and has an opportunity to respoind to a Shadegg comment and Lord says, “I really don’t remember what we were talking about.”

To top things off, 75% of his closing comment was spent looking into the wrong camera, not to mention the fact Hook cut him off short after about 12 seconds of comments. Lord was visibly frustrated. Perhaps even rightfully so.

Score another round for Shadegg. Your final score card for the CD3 Television Debate is:

Round 1 (Ch. 12) – Shadegg
Round 2 (Horizon) – Shadegg
Round 3 (HooK) – Shadegg

I wonder if Mary Fennello was with him this time…


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