GAme Over Bob Lord


With nearly 100% of the votes accounted for, John Shadegg convincingly sent Bob Lord back to his American Dream day job last night, winning by almost 12 percent.

Mike Shoen pulled nearly 4% of the vote, and it’s likely that the majority of these votes came from people unhappy with Shadegg because he wasn’t far enough to the right (see: “bailout”), but it’s safe to assume many voters would have begrudingly supported Shadegg had Shoen not entered the race.

What’s most telling about the 2008 CD3 electoral cage death match is that the DCCC spent more money against Shadegg than any other candidate or race in the country, and they still couldn’t crack the 10% mark.

So what does $4 million dollars buy you? About 4% points more than Shadegg’s previous opponent, Herb Paine, mustered back in 2006. In this years election, Lord garnered 20,028 votes more than Paine who was a relative nobody who had no television buy capability and didn’t have the Governor’s Henchmen or the DCCC helping with logistics back in 2006.

That’s $199.72 per new vote.

A staggering figure. The DCCC would have been better taking that money and giving $50 to 80,000
lucky Arizonans if they agreed to vote for Lord.

Yesterday’s vote is an affirmation of what I have always believed about CD3 voters – That they are intelligent, established, conservative, long time members of the district who do not respond well to out of state lies and attacks. I’m proud to see that Arizonans saw through Lord’s facade and his arrogance, and realized that he was nothing more than a political whore for Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party. And that’s really too bad. They used him,¬†prevented him from defining himself as a candidate, and told him to stick to his talking points and provided him with no message better than to keep hitting Shadegg with the same false attacks.

Lord never took the time to define himself and let voters of CD3 know why they should vote for him.

I’ve heard talks of Bob Lord’s triumphant return, of his attractiveness as a statewide candidate, or a possible Senate rematch against Shadegg in 2010 for McCain’s Senate seat…are you kidding? You could have put a monkey in Lord’s position and he would have pulled similar numbers with that kind of operating budget.

Bob Lord is done. Now he can go back to his life as a tax attorney, where he should have stayed and been all along.

Game Over.


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