What About Bob Lord???

What about Me?

I’m a resident of CD3.  I have a day job as an architect in a small Phoenix firm.  I pay attention to local and federal politics.  My wife thinks I need other hobbies.  I reside in Legislative District 11.  I am a Republican, but do not vote Republican across the board.  I supported and fundraised for Mark DeSimone for the State House in 2006.  I voted for John Kerry in 2004.  The first time I voted for a Democrat for President in the 5 elections I have voted in.

I, like many of you, have been paying close attention to the federal elections and have taken great interest in our state legislative elections.  I had largely ignored Congressional District 3, assuming John Shadegg would be one of the safer Republican members of congress on November 4th.

Then I started seeing Bob Lord’s commercials.  Then I met the guy.  I couldn’t escape his message: I’m not John Shadegg.  His face and voice were haunting my dreams.

Upset with the lack of media attention paid to this relatively neophyte political hack who seemingly fell out of the sky, I decided to use the tools of the internet to learn everything about this guy that I could.  And what I found…well, what I found is interesting to say the least.  Have you ever Googled yourself??

In the coming weeks, I hope to expose this guy for who he really is: a phony, an empty platform who purposely shares little to no details on his positions, repeats the Obama mantra of “change”, an extreme liberal pretending to be a “libertarian”, and a DCCC monkey.

He professes to want to “Change Congress”, but he’s associating with the same tired and do-nothing Democratic DC Establishment.

John Shadegg is by no means perfect.  I’ve only met the guy twice – and it wasn’t that great of an experience.  But at least we know where John Shadegg stands and it’s a lot easier to attack a guy when he at least has a record.

So I ask you Bob Lord: what is your record and what do you stand for?

Will you give the voters of CD 3 anything other than personal attacks and unfounded claims?  Arizona deserves better.


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