Who Would You Rather Vote For?

This Guy….

Or….This Guy?


Montgomery “Lord” Burns

Montgomery Lord Burns Robert Montgomery Lord Burns


Dem Volunteer: “I learned it from you Uncle Harry”

They don’t call him “Dirty Harry” for nothing….

Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry


Who Are They? ? ? “I’m not John Shadegg!”

Bob Lord once again displays his inability to tell the voters anything about himself or his positions.

Mr. Lord released his newest televison ad today, this time parading “former John Shadegg supporters”.  But the first time I saw the commerical I thought I was actually watching an infommercial.  My question is, who are these “former” John Shadegg supporters and where can I get one?  Why are they afraid to attach their names to the commercial?  As far as I can tell, John Shadegg has been up front and used the names of every supporter or individual featured in his commercials to date.

In an election ad, when you make a claim, you’re required to provide some sort of citation at the bottom of the ad that would presumably back up your claim.  This doesn’t mean the citation is accurate, nor should it be mistaken that  what is being said should somehow be viewed as reality or the “truth. ”  Bob Lord has already proven that he’s willing to distort Shadegg’s record and irresponsibly cite some alternate reality bizarro world.   Ohhhh he’ll be a fine foot soldier in Nancy Pelosi’s Army alright…

If these actors.  errrr… I mean voters  (maybe we call them “acters” or “votors”),  were so unhappy with John Shadegg they felt the need to somehow track down Bob Lord and contribute to this television ad, is there any reason why their names shouldn’t be attached as well?

Until then, as far as I am concerned, they’re nothing more than paid actors and everything they say is just as phony as your campaign.  Lame.


By the way – Are you wearing lipstick again Bob?


Friday, October 24th, 2008
For Immediate Release

Sarah Muench
(602) 274-0068

Shadegg ‘out of touch,’ former supporters say in new Lord ad

PHOENIX ― A new Bob Lord for Congress campaign ad began airing Thursday night, featuring former John Shadegg voters who came forward to talk about their out-of-touch Congressman.

In the ad, former Shadegg supporters say:

* “John Shadegg went to Washington and put the interests of his party ahead of our own.”
* “As a Republican, it’s embarrassing.”
* “He should have resigned when he said he was going to resign.”

To see what else they say, see the ad, “Out of Touch”

Bob Lord & Warren Jeffs – Separated at Birth???

Holy cow.  Could Bob Lord and convicted child wife marrying polygamist Warren Jeffs be the same person?  I mean, they’ve had about the same amount of wives, but they actually look like they could have been separated at birth.


Bob Lord / John Shadegg discuss Race – Special Guest Steny Hoyer!!!!

Well I guess we know where Bob Lord is spending the fumes of his campaign war chest…

Bob's Big Boy

Bob's Big Billboard

I guess Bob got tired of seeing Shadegg’s mug all over town.  This billboard just went up today.

Barry Goldwater’s Statue Endorses John Shadegg

After recently receiving the Arizona Republic endorsement and the Esquire magazine endorsement, Barry Goldwater’s statue came out today and announced his support of Congressman John Shadegg’s Congressional District 3 re-election campaign.

Solid Gold

Solid Gold

 Is Bob Lord running his own “Daisy” commericals?

State of Arizona vs. Lord

On December 6th, 2007 Bob Lord’s son was issued a ticket in the City of Phoenix for an unsafe lane change. Fifty four days later the court completely dismissed the carges.

Our questions:

* Why did the son of a potential Member of Congress have his “unsafe” charges dismissed so conveniently? Was it political favoritism?  Was it his lawyer connections?  We just don’t know.

* How fast was Mr. Lord’s son going when he was changing lanes so unsafely?  Was it 55 in a 35? 75 in a 55?  What sort of music was he listening to?  Did he use a turn signal?  Was he out past his curfew?  Was he driving his father’s Prius?   We don’t know.

Bob's Pimp Ride

H to the Izzo - V to the izz A

* Who were the government officials in Phoenix who agreed to dismiss the tickets? Why did the judge agree to dismiss the ticket? We don’t know.

* Most important, given the disposition of “COMPL DISMISSED BY COURT” on January 29th, 2008, why was Lord’s December 6th, 2007 ticket dismissed?   Right in the middle of the kick off of his campaign for “change.”   We don’t know.

Perhaps a few members of the Arizona media should contact Lord’s campaign office for an explanation. Because the ordinary Arizonan doesn’t beat such “unsafe” charges.

Did Lord’s son learn such unsafe and irresponsible behavior from his father?  Do we really need a Congressman who will act in an “unsafe” and unruly manner?



[The following is a complete satire of gutlessjohnshadegg.blogspot.com’s previous entry on John Shadegg’s speeding tickets: http://gutlessjohnshadegg.blogspot.com/2008/10/shadeggs-speeding-tickets.html .  On a side note, I wish both of his son’s the best in life and hope they can move on with successful future’s once their father’s run for Congress comes to a screaching halt.]

Other Notable Prius Speed Demons: http://www.slate.com/id/2169925/

John Shadegg’s Mug…

Is everywhere! These billboards are ridiculous!  I was driving around Indian School and 36th street the other day and I saw 3 giant John Shadegg billboards.

Giant John Shadegg

The only thing bigger than John Shadegg's ego are his billboards

I wonder what Bob will spend the remains of his campaign fumes on?  Will Bob follow suit?

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